Re-Genera will walk together with you in the process of creating a pollinator friendly environment

Re-Genera recognizes that clients will desire different levels of service and support throughout the process of creating a pollinator friendly habitat. We specialize in creating pollinator friendly solar farms, but we also support clients to identify and implement other methods to regenerate pollinator habitats within their scope of business.

The Roadmap to Your Pollinator Friendly Solar Farm

  • The “why/ what?”
    • We deliver a comprehensive overview of the necessity and the structure of the Pollinator Friendly Solar initiative adapted to local conditions. 
  • The How
    • Ecology supporting technology: We create a comprehensive framework identifying appropriate plants, designing the infrastructure and land stewardship, based on client’s needs and local characteristics
  • The More 
    • We design the stakeholders’ engagement and the integrated functioning of the pollinator friendly solar initiative within the socio-cultural, economic, and political local and regional context

The implementation and Launch of your Pollinator friendly Solar Farm

  • Stakeholder & Expert Engagement
    • We conduct in-depth stakeholder engagement sessions to gather feedback and develop community commitment and will connect with relevant experts to ensure the successful implementation of your pollinator friendly solar farm initiative. 
  • Project Management
    • We can implement the detailed framework created during the Planning Module on your behalf, fully managing all aspects of creating your pollinator friendly solar farm.

Ongoing Engagement and Evaluation

The way forward

  • Evaluation of Success 
    • We can evaluate and document the success of the initiative, creating valuable reports and narratives to facilitate the ongoing support for the pollinator friendly solar farm.
  • Ongoing Engagement of Stakeholders & of the pollinator friendly solar farm 
    • We can support you in ongoing stakeholder engagement ensuring that the community continues to reap holistic benefits from the pollinator friendly solar farm.